VSA Ohio seeks an Executive Director.

The Executive Director is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction set forth by the Board of Directors. Desired start date: mid-July, 2019.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Promote the mission and purposes of the organization as key factors in decision making.
  • Work closely with the Board of Directors to maintain a strong vision and strategic plan to guide the organization.
  • Coordinate quarterly board of director meetings and provide a full report of VSA activities as well as projections for future work and goals, including budgeting.
  • Support the Board of Director’s capacity to fulfill its governance function and energize the Board to be full participants in advocacy and fundraising efforts.
  • Elicit input, implement others’ ideas, give public credit for others’ work, and embrace consensus decision making.
  • Identify, assess, and inform the Board of Directors of internal and external issues that may impact the organization, including options for solutions.
  • Advance the organization’s role as the ‘go-to’ organization for arts and disability opportunities and services in Ohio.
  • Represent the organization at the local, regional, state, and national levels.
  • Convene the Board of Directors for meetings, communicate all logistics, and prepare supporting materials.


  • Manage grant application and reporting requirements for current grants to ensure continued funding.
  • Identify opportunities for and pursue new funding sources and partnerships to sustain and increase programming capacity and resources of the organization.
  • Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers to conduct fund raising activities including event sponsorship and individual giving.
  • Provide leadership for donor cultivation and appreciation (Friends of), corporate and foundation relations, and identification of additional funding streams.


  • Manage organization’s financial resources within budget guidelines and according to current law and Board of Directors’ policies.
  • Work collaboratively with outside financial professional as needed to prepare the monthly payroll and yearly financial reports such as the IRS Form 990.
  • Prepare regular financial reports for the Treasurer and the Board of Directors; alert the Board of funding trends, threats, and opportunities.
  • Work with the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors to prepare a comprehensive annual budget that takes into account the prevailing economic climate.


  • Guide planning, implementation, and evaluation of the organization’s programs and services; work with event committees to ensure successful programming.
  • Execute and manage contracts and grant agreements within their stated parameters while promoting the best possible outcomes for the organization.
  • Provide program status reports to the Board of Directors and others as appropriate.
  • Develop ideas for enhancing current programs and/or developing new programs, including potential funding and other resources needed; solicit input and work with Board Program Committee to develop programs

Human Resources and Management:

  • Carryout policies and procedures adopted by the Board of Directors.
  • Manage all day-to-day operations of the nonprofit organization.
  • Oversee personnel management functions, including but not limited to employment/termination, performance management, training, supervision, compensation changes and implementation of personnel policies and procedures.
  • Cultivate an environment that motivates staff and encourages collaboration in fulfillment of mission, including communicating responsibilities, expectation and schedule.

Community and Public Relations:

  • Communicate effectively, employing a high level of interpersonal skills.
  • Seek opportunities to build awareness of the organization, its mission and its programs.
  • Generate media attention for the program participants, events, and partners as well as for the organization as a whole.
  • Work to build relationships with like-minded organizations, consumer groups, and corporate and community leaders.
  • Assist with production and dissemination of high-quality/branded marketing resource and informational materials to the statewide community.
  • Participate on boards or committees of local, regional, state organizations or associations.
  • Represent organization at meetings and events in the disability, arts, and education fields.

Additional Skills, Qualifications, and Expectations:

  • Passion for the mission of the organization and serving its constituents.
  • Demonstrated leadership and experience in nonprofit direction, development, programming, and community outreach.
  • Excellent work habits, ability to meet deadlines, personal initiative.
  • Position requires a travel across the state of Ohio in support of programs and partnerships, as well as occasional out of state travel for conferences.
  • VSA Ohio is an Equal Opportunity Employer promoting broad definitions of accessibility, inclusion, equity, and justice.

Minimum Requirements

  • Master’s degree or higher or Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of five years of senior level management position.
  • Fundraising success, including grant writing and individual donor cultivation.
  • Record of achievement in networking, programming and advocacy with disability, arts or education communities
  • Record of achievement in non-profit sector. Experience in managing a state-wide organization helpful.


  • The Executive Director position is a full time, salaried employee with compensation expected to be $50,000 annually.
  • No health insurance is available.
  • A monthly parking stipend and reimbursement for non-local travel will be provided.
  • Flexible scheduling is available and allowances are made for telecommuting.

Salary range: $50,000

Job classification: Full-time, salary

To apply: Send a resume and cover letter to Amy Hess, President of the Board of Directors, [email protected]. Deadline to apply is Friday, May 24, 2019. For alternative versions of this application or other accommodations, send a request to the same email.

Posted: April 30, 2019
Deadline: May 24, 2019